My Town

By Delphine Doreau and Sarah Quinn

From 3 to | 48 pages

My Town contains a mini-community for readers to build — bringing new meaning to the term "pop-up store!" 

Unlike typical "paper doll" books that focus on fashion, My Town is full of perforated buildings and animals ready to be popped out, decorated, and played with by children. Buildings range from various styles of houses to all kinds of boutique storefronts. Set up shop as a baker, a florist, a grocer, a bookseller, or an auto mechanic — there's a store to match every reader's special interest. Dozens of animal characters can be added to the scene and some can be colored in, too.

A sturdy fold-out map at the back of the book gives readers a place to arrange their community. Plus, My Town creator Delphine Doreau has prepared a number of free downloads for readers to print, color, and use to expand their towns (web address included in book). 

Instructions are warm and simple and read more like a story than like step-by-step directions, so children will be engaged in reading while they craft. And once completed, the miniature village will complement playtime with beloved toys perfectly — add cars, stuffed animals, and more! 
"Not only is Delphine's book gorgeously illustrated, inventive, and unique, it is surprisingly doable for a four-year-old with just a bit of help. The instructions are so helpful, and the addition of the heavy stock street makes this more than just toys to sit on a windowsill." - Picture Book Junkies
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