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A Day at School

By Séverine Cordier and Cynthia Lacroix

From 2 to 4 | 48 pages

The family that readers first met in Picture My Day is growing up! Summer holidays are over, and the siblings are ready for their first day of school — the youngest is off to daycare, the middle child is beginning kindergarten, and the oldest is starting first grade. From shopping for school supplies and getting back-to-school haircuts to meeting new teachers and classmates, these three children — and readers along with them — each experience different ways of preparing for and spending a day at school. 

As the inquisitive siblings are introduced to their new routine, young readers will learn new words for familiar objects. The illustrations are bright and clear, with just enough detail to entice preschoolers to linger on each page. The accompanying text ranges from simple labels to short sentences. And with lots of affectionate moments between family members on display, children and parents alike will delight in poring over the pages of this charming book.
An accessible introduction to various aspects of school that leaves room for family conversations on each page. — Publisher's Weekly
Prereaders may enjoy looking over the pages and identifying the objects shown. — School Library Journal
"It's a celebration of the ordinary but wonderful stuff of daily life, one which provides a gentle, stress-reducing vicarious experience with the sometimes unsettling first day of school... While not prepossessing in their style and format, these sturdy and simple books are great handbooks for parents and teachers." — Books for Kids Blog
"A Day at School presents the school and day care attendance experience in bright, colorful, descriptive pictures and brief, simple language enriched by symbols and communicative drawings, [encouraging] children's creativity, imagination, and curiosity while soothing some of the usual fears of the unknown." — Children's Bookwatch
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