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The Sinking of Captain Otter

By Troy Wilson and Maira Chiodi

From 3 to 7 | 32 pages, color

Kelpy is an otter—and also a passionate sea captain. He builds himself a ship that he adores, from keel to cabin to crow’s nest. All the other otters and pirates and sharks just laugh at Kelpy’s ramshackle craft, but Kelpy sails on. Until one day on the high seas, he encounters a sailor even more laughable than himself—a petite butterfly pirate in a teeny-tiny boat.

Kelpy’s laughter shifts to empathy when he realizes how much he has hurt the tiny pirate’s feelings. So Kelpy decides to scuttle his beloved boat in a playful ploy to repair the emotional damage he’s done. Along the way, an unlikely friendship (and rivalry) begins.

Packed with rhyme, repetition, and lots of humor, this is a read-aloud with a heartwarming message about following your dreams even in the face of ridicule and doubt, and how even an underdog can lift someone up. Troy Wilson
"Fun—and with a supportive message for readers who march to different drums." - Kirkus Reviews
"The story has some repeating text that would be fun for the classroom read aloud. A great addition to any school library." - School Library Connection
“With an important message, creative formatting and lovely pictures, The Sinking of Captain Otter is a great picture book to have in collections.” - Canadian Review of Materials
“The Sinking of Captain Otter should spark the imagination and playfulness of readers both young and old.” - Resource Links

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