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When Molly Drew Dogs

By Deborah Kerbel and Lis Xu

From 4 to 8 | 32 pages

On the night before the first day of school, a pack of stray dogs moves into Molly’s head. They are friendly, but a bit wild. They scamper through her thoughts, yap at the door to her dreams, and scratch at her brain, begging to be let out. So Molly starts to draw them.

When Molly draws dogs, she feels better—but not everyone can see the value of her strange habit. Her teacher tells her to focus. A special tutor urges her to concentrate. But Molly can’t erase the dogs, even if she wants to. As her anxiety peaks, Molly runs away. Once she is found, safe and sound, people around Molly realize the protective power of her pack and how the dogs help tame her troubled feelings.

Inspired by the Japanese folktale, "The Boy Who Drew Cats," this story celebrates the healing powers of art and imagination while touching on important issues of anxiety, mental health, and ways to cope with emotions.Deborah Kerbel, Lis Xu
"An artful plea for emotional acceptance." - Kirkus Reviews
"This is a compelling book about anxiety and the ways we can cope, heal and ultimately persevere, through creating art." - Mighty Village
"[Deborah] Kerbel offers poetic and prescient insight into mental wellness, without a whiff of didacticism." - Quill & Quire - STARRED REVIEW
"Deborah Kerbel's text is astute but profound... Lis Xu's illustrations, soft and understated in pencil crayon, give Molly's story a delicate texture that reminds us that this is a child's world." - CanLit for Little Canadians
"This may provide little ones and their adults an opportunity to discuss positive coping skills, including how artistic self-expression—paired with adult encouragement and understanding—can help manage fears and engage with the outside world." - Booklist

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