Halifax Explodes!

Canadian Flyer Adventures

By Frieda Wishinsky and Patricia Ann Lewis-MacDougall

From 6 to 9 | 96 pages

Since discovering the Canadian Flyer, a magical time-traveling sled, in Emily’s attic, Matt and Emily have outrun dinosaurs in the Alberta badlands, evaded slave catchers on the Underground Railroad, and seen the last spike driven into the Canadian Pacific Railway. In Halifax Explodes!, Emily and Matt land on Citadel Hill in Halifax, Nova Scotia — just as the Mont Blanc, a ship laden with explosives, explodes in the harbor! In the chaos that follows, the two friends find a small dog wandering around with Tim, a dazed young soldier who has just returned from fighting overseas in World War I. Can Emily and Matt help Tim find the dog's owner, his niece, Carolyn? What if she's been hurt in the blast and needs help? And what is Tim and Carolyn's connection to Hilda Slayter, the Canadian woman Matt and Emily met aboard the Titanic?

In this, the final book in the popular Canadian Flyer Adventures series, author Frieda Wishinsky weaves well-researched and accurate historical facts into her compelling, kid-friendly storytelling, while Patricia Ann Lewis-MacDougall’s evocative illustrations situate readers perfectly in place and time. At the end of their adventure, Emily and Matt share additional facts about World War I and ships, and Wishinsky gives additional facts here too, in an informative Q&A format.

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