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Planet Earth

The World in Infographics

By Jon Richards and Ed Simkins

From 8 to 12 | 32 pages

Compare the tallest mountains from each continent, see the entire volume of water on the Earth poured into one glass, stack up Eiffel Towers and compare the height of the world's tallest waterfall, and more!

From tectonic plates and meteorites to erupting volcanoes, the atmosphere, and the world's longest rivers, this book explores planet Earth using a wide variety of icons, graphics, and pictograms.
Highly visual and accessible, infographics are an increasingly popular way to introduce complex stats, facts, and figures to children, helping them to digest complex information on a number of topics.

Remarkable factoids ... accompany colorful, bold, straightforward graphics. - Foreword Reviews
Ideal for home or school. - ForeWord Reviews
"Filled with maps, captions, side bars, fact boxes, speech bubbles and a glossary ... an excellent tool for teaching reading skills of non-fiction text." - Canadian Teacher Magazine
'A picture is worth a thousand words' has never been more clearly demonstrated ... - Canadian Review of Materials
"These hardcover books would be a great addition to an elementary school library or classroom collection. Serving as reference materials, they could inspire a class assignment challenging students to visually present data using infographics of their own design."
- Green Teacher
"For those who love interesting and diverse facts, this will be a great choice." - Resource Links
Great for inquisitive kids who like to browse through its eye-catching page design and clever graphics…Planet Earth offers both dedicated autodidacts and casual readers concepts and some memorable facts to take away with them.
- Books for Kids Blog
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