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Where Are You, Wilbert?

By Bárdur Oskarsson and Marita Thomsen

From 4 to 7 | 36 pages, color

A small gray rat and her large gray friend, Wilbert, are playing hide-and-seek. Wilbert is tough to find, so the rat asks a passing crocodile for help. Together, they hunt behind every tree they can see, and finally, the rat spots Wilbert. But the crocodile can’t see Wilbert — even when he’s standing right in front of them. Why not?

With minimal text, spare design, and deadpan delivery, this charming story introduces a big idea: that we all see the world differently, and sometimes we can’t see what’s right in front of us. It’s a quietly funny, insightful meditation on the world around us. This simple but deeply felt book will provoke thought about perspective, point of view, and blind spots.Bárdur Oskarsson
"Playfully explores the relationship between perception and expectations...funny and thought-provoking." - Booklist
"Oskarsson explores perspective and the slippery boundary between the real and the imagined in this existential play date... A distinctly different approach to storytelling." - Kirkus Reviews
"Some wonderful discussion will ensue with even the youngest of children." - Canadian Review of Materials

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