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Crackerjack Jack

By Bowman Wilker and Marie-Ève Tremblay

From 3 to 7 | 24 pages

This is a book about a robber—a wisecracker, firecracker, knucklecracking crook named Jack. Jack devises a ploy to rob a bank, with a duck as his unlikely accomplice. This villainous duo bumbles their way through a robbery, in which Jack ends up knocked unconscious, arrested for the crime, and thrown in jail. Meanwhile, the duck makes off like a bandit, escaping with all the dough to live a life of luxury in the tropics.

Rhyming text, onomatopoeia, and an energetic beat paired with comical illustrations make this a fast-paced read that guarantees laughs. The playful language will entice young readers to follow along and repeat sounds and phrases in this outrageous and unapologetically reckless tale. Bowman Wilker, Marie-Ève Tremblay
"Great for early readers who will find the memorable rhymes easy to spot on the page. A blast." - Kirkus Reviews, STARRED REVIEW
"Tremblay’s cartoon art is big and bold, filled with color and pattern, her characters a wonderfully goofy accompaniment to the text. The font is large and clear; great for early readers who will find the memorable rhymes easy to spot on the page." - Kirkus Reviews
"The fast pace and onomatopoeia will keep plenty of young readers on the hook, and ethically questionable as the episode may be, just listening to its rollicking rhyme will crack more than a few grins." - Booklist
"Tremblay’s illustrations are bright and colorful. A fun addition to larger collections" - School Library Journal
"This book is a hilarious slapstick story, great for read-alouds. There’s repetition, rhyme, and wacky, bright illustrations that make this playful book perfect for pre-readers and beginning reader." - Mom Read It
“Crackerjack Jack is a fun and entertaining book that will keep readers of all ages amused!”

- Canadian Review of Materials

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