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Over in the Meadow

By Jan Thornhill , Jan Thornhill and Jan Thornhill

From 3 to 6 | 32 pages, color

Jan Thornhill’s trademark ingenuity brings this well-loved 19th century rhyme to a new audience in a captivating and original way. Thornhill has created an magical, imaginary world made up of everyday objects: a forest of broccoli, a beaver dam of pretzels, a dragonfly with paperclip wings. Who could have thought berries, twist-ties, light bulbs, garden gloves, and rubber bands could be transformed into such unimagined delights? As always with Thornhill’s books, young readers can pore for hours over the intricacies of a seemingly simple story. Not only will they learn about counting, rhyming, animals, and nature, but they will also delight in picking out recognizable everyday objects used in new ways in the illustrations on these pages. Pages at the back of the book show the original elements used in the creation of the illustrations — readers can then go back and play I Spy. With a lyrical, sing-song cadence perfect for reading aloud, this delightful story, paired with Thornhill’s stunning artwork, will win over a new 21st century audience.Jan Thornhill, Jan Thornhill
A visual feast of information through vibrant, realistic art work. These illustrations are magnificent. - Appraisal
This is a wonderful counting book that not only helps us learn our numbers but also tells us about the different animals that live in the forest. - Booktalks
…fantastically detailed… - Calgary Herald
…a counting book full of surprises. Fans of the Eye Spy series will have a feast identifying the materials used to make this counting rhyme come alive. - Canadian Bookseller
Real objects combined in ingenious ways; in fact, their vibrant color almost makes them seem hyper-real. Over in the Meadow…displays the artist’s love of detail and borders. - Canadian Children’s Book News
Over in the Meadow takes a well-loved nursery counting song and transforms it into a riotous series of collages. - Capital Parent
Over the years, there have been dozens of variations of this traditional southern Appalachian counting rhyme. So is there a need for a new version? With Jan Thornhill designing this picture book, the answer is an unqualified YES! She brings her considerable talents to adapting this famous 19th century rhyme in a most brilliant and original way. Thornhill’s technique produces some amazing results. There is so much to look at, but, instead of being overly busy, the result is a visual treat. - CM Magazine: Canadian Review of Materials
The illustrations are fabulous! - Kaboose Network
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Canadian Children's Book Centre, Our Choice Selection, 2005
Resource Links, Best of the Year, 2004
Vicky Metcalf Award for author Jan Thornhill's body of work, 2015

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