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AdventureBox: Five-Amazing-Stories Pack #3 - ebook

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Five exciting illustrated stories for newly independent readers. Action, suspense, drama, adventure, humour: children will discover different genres and develop their literary taste. Colourful illustrations on every page engage kids’ interest and ensure they will enjoy the challenge of reading on their own. All the stories are also available in audio version, told by professional actors.

Five stories included:

The First Puppy

When Gor checks his brother’s traps he finds a puppy. Anything in a trap belongs to the trap’s owner so Gor must give the puppy to his brother. But what will happen to the little dog? This moving story of a friendship between a boy and a puppy is set in prehistoric times.

Scary School Trip

Harry catches Mrs Hortensia, a dinner lady, ordering the chairs in the classroom to tidy themselves up and the board wiper to wipe the board! Harry thinks she’s a witch and is worried because she’s going on a trip with the class. But no one believes him…

Handle with care!

Josh goes to a boarding school for children with special needs. He and his friends Maya and Dylan learn to draw with their teacher Annie. Then the caretaker, Pete, shows them an abandoned garden full of animals. It’s too good to last…

Watch out! Tidy Robot about!

Ethan hears you can buy robots on the internet. He’s not allowed to go on the internet alone, but he wants a robot so badly that he orders one online anyway…

Whiffy and Stonehead

There’s a terrible drought and the tribes have no water left. There used to be a spring nearby, but Whiffy’s grandpa is the only one who knows where it is. Can Whiffy sort it out?

Product details:
  • Ages 6 to 9

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