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Oddrey and the New Kid - ebook


By Dave Whamond

From 4 to 7 | 32 pages

Ever since she averted disaster in the class production of The Wizard of Oz, Oddrey has been making new friends at school. Her classmates have come to appreciate her irrepressible charm and Oddrey, in turn, encourages them to be their own unique selves. So when Oddrey's teacher introduces a new girl, Maybelline, to the class, Oddrey, ever the optimist, is sure that they'll become the best of friends.

But Maybelline's elaborate storytelling habits and bossy playground personality soon force Oddrey to reconsider. Fed up with Maybelline's tall tales, and her classmates’ fascination with Maybelline’s stories, Oddrey challenges Maybelline during a class trip to the zoo. The adventure that ensues is Maybelline's — and Oddrey's — best adventure yet!
In Whamond's Oddrey's return, she must contend with a little touch of competition for the limelight. Kirkus Reviews, July 16, 2013
Whamond's detailed illustrations are colorful and lively - much like the two main characters. School Library Journal, August 1, 2013
"Gives cartoonist Whammond lots of creative opportunities that will delight readers." Booklist, February 26, 2014
...[the] quirky titular protagonist returns for another adventure... Quill and Quire, June 1, 2013
"[Whamond's] cartooning talents shine in this picture book... Young readers will understand at the heart of Oddrey's quirky nature is a strong leader who supports and encourages her friends to reach for the sky." Linda Ludke , National Reading Campaign, November 26, 2013
"Whamond's engaging and imaginative watercolor illustrations once again steal the show in this story about the ups and downs of friendship, and the importance of loving your friends for exactly who they are." Valorie Cooper , Christian Library Journal, March 1, 2014
"Featuring unapologetically cartoonish kids and quick-cut action, this sequel will appeal to fans of Whamond's first book... and inspire fans to look forward to a third" Books for Kids Blog, October 29, 2013
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Ontario Library Association Blue Spruce Award (finalist), 2015

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