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Farm Crimes: Cracking the Case of the Missing Egg

Farm Crimes

By Sandra Dumais

From 6 to 9 | 48 pages

A peaceful day on the farm turns to panic when Hen discovers her egg has been stolen! The only one who can crack the case? Billiam Van Hoof, the world’s number one goat detective (at least, that’s what he calls himself).

As Van Hoof questions the animals and collects clues—a piece of eggshell, a yellow feather, and some tiny footprints—the answer to the mystery becomes obvious to everyone except the bumbling inspector.

Readers will enjoy piecing together the clues long before the hapless goat detective and will laugh along with his ridiculous conclusions. The bright, comic illustrations in this junior graphic novel are filled with visual jokes and quirky details that kids will delight in finding. With a cast of lovable characters, this goofy mystery story is a great introduction to graphic novels.Sandra Dumais
"The details along the way are hilariously confused... many readers will enjoy feeling ahead of the game." - Kirkus Reviews
"Dumais’s paneled illustrations add extra brightness and humor to the mystery... Intermediate readers will welcome the engaging inspector for investigative fun." - Publishers Weekly
"Attentive readers may crack the case early on, but they’ll be rewarded by laugh-out-loud details and visual gags." - School Library Journal

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