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Acting Wild

By Maria Birmingham and Dave Whamond

From 7 to 10 | 32 pages, color

How are humans different from other animals? This is a question scientists have long tried to answer. As it turns out, some of the very things researchers once though distinguished humans—our creativity, our problem-solving ability, our capacity for planning or abstract thought—actually make us very similar to other animals! This nonfiction book introduces several different behaviors that humans and other animals share, including farming, teaching, laughing, building, mourning, communicating, grooming, playing, traveling, using tools, and working together.

Narrated by a funny and friendly ant, this book is packed with humor and playful phrasing to bring lightness to the exploration of animal behavior. Brought to life by bright and wacky cartoon-style illustrations, Acting Wild will leave kids with the understanding that acting like an animal is simply in their nature.

Maria Birmingham, Dave Whamond
"Chock full of interesting ideas, this entertaining and informative selection's distinct focus makes it stand out." - Kirkus Reviews
"[The author] presents a large amount of zoological information in a focused, well-organized, and highly entertaining manner." - Quill & Quire
"Fascinating, and just what intrigued kids need to do further research." - Sal's Fiction Addiction
"Acting Wild is a wonderfully wacky look at how we behave an awful lot like the birds, bugs and beasts that we share the planet with." - The Globe and Mail
"A fun, well-designed book, [that] sets the tone for understanding our place in the natural world." - Canadian Review of Materials

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