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Dojo Daytrip


By Chris Tougas

From 3 to 7 | 32 pages

The six little ninjas of Dojo Daycare are back and rowdier than ever during a field trip to the farm. From the moment the ninja boys and ninja girls step off their minibus, mayhem ensues.

Farm activities like feeding a pig, milking a cow and plowing a field dissolve into chaos as the master slips into the slop trough, is chased by a bull and then is dragged through the hay. YIKES! YEE-OW! It’s a barnyard disaster. Meanwhile, the mischievous ninjas run rampant, setting chicks free and splitting fences, until they remember to shape up and honor their creed: Always help someone in need.

Chris Tougas’s digitally rendered ninjas pop off the page once again in this laugh-out-loud story. Told in rhyming verse with a playful rhythm, accompanied by hilarious illustrations and big sound effects, Dojo Daytrip makes for a riotous read-aloud with a kindhearted message.

Praise for Dojo Daycare by Chris Tougas:
"[A] fast-paced rhyming tale... amusing."
The New York Times

Chris Tougas
"The popular setting, likeable characters, and ample opportunities for audience participation make this a good choice for group or one-on-one reading." - School Library Journal
"A sound value taught in an engaging format amid many ninja kicks and chops." - Kirkus Reviews
"This is a treat for fans of the first book and will be happily embraced by new readers." - Booklist
"Riotous fun...highly recommended." - Canadian Review of Materials
"Every bit of Tougas's art is pleasantly textured...but mostly it was the laughs that kept me reading." - Unshelved
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