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Dear Mr. President

By Sophie Siers and Anne Villeneuve

From 5 to 8 | 40 pages

Sam has to share a room with his disruptive and all-around undesirable big brother, and he is not happy about it. One night, when Sam hears about the president’s plans to build a border wall, it inspires what Sam thinks is a perfectly reasonable solution to his own problem: he needs to build a wall, too.

Told as a series of letters addressed to the president, the story shows Sam working through his thoughts and feelings about his plan to build a dividing wall in his bedroom. He debates pros and cons, learns about other walls built through the ages, and slowly comes around to a new perspective as he begins to see that the best solutions involve communication, compromise, and negotiating ways to make things work.

With an undertone of subtle humor, this story is at once a simple tale about a common gripe of siblinghood and a modern fable sure to spark conversations about tolerance, learning to live with others, and the importance of recognizing other points of view. Sophie Siers, Anne Villeneuve
"With economic, wry prose and stylish, observant watercolor and ink cartooning, Siers and Villeneuve offer readers ripped-from-the-headlines proof that the political is indeed personal." - Publishers Weekly
"A good lesson in using communication and compromise to solve problems and not being afraid to admit mistakes." - School Library Journal

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