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How Soccer Works

How Sports Work

By Keltie Thomas and Stephen MacEachern

From 8 to 12 | 64 pages

From the How Sports Work series comes How Soccer Works, which presents a fascinating and informative look at the science behind the sport. Whether readers are first timers on the pitch or can already bend it like Beckham, How Soccer Works has something for everyone. Text that is as exciting to read as the sport is to play, delves into all aspects of the sport.

Great insider information includes the personality of a soccer ball, the differences between artificial turf and real grass, the science of fitness, and how to counter basic offensive and defensive moves. "Quick Kick" factoids, "Star" highlights revealing moves of the pros, "Tips" for game improvement, "Quick Answers to Speedy Questions" explaining everything soccer, and "Legends of the Game" introduce young sports fans to some of the most inspirational players in soccer history. A "Rules and Regs" section and glossary at the back of the book provide all of the terms and need-to-know information to make any reader a master of game basics.

Amid an overabundance of soccer books, Thomas offers a special hook that makes this title stand out: facts that fans will relish knowing and sharing with their friends… A welcome title where soccer is popular. - School Library Journal
In eight well designed chapters… the facts are clearly set out and conveniently broken up into easily digestible pieces. There is a good glossary, a digest of the rules and regulation, and a wealth of excellent photographs and illustrative cartoons…Even adult readers will learn something…It is essential background for any boy or girl who wants to develop a passion for [soccer]. - Quill & Quire
A well organized book that packs a lot of information into a bold, image-laden package. It is a good general overview of the game of soccer…also covers a lot of the history and the international scope of the game […] Valuable to anyone entering the sport. - CM Magazine: Canadian Review of Materials
How Soccer Works provides an entertaining look at the inner quirks and works of soccer while breaking down the science behind the world’s most popular sport. From explaining how the rules came to be to teaching how to bend it like David Beckham, Thomas covers the game from goal to goal. - XK San Diego Soccer News
This book answers all the questions you might have about soccer, and some that may not have yet surfaced. There is advice for the new and for the seasoned player, historical perspective on a game played all over the world, information on equipment and playmaking and up-to-date ‘gossip’ on its storied players. Well done! - The Brandon Sun
Just in time for summer, Maple Tree Press has come out with two books that cover a couple of favorite pastimes. How Soccer Works and How Baseball Works, both by Keltie Thomas, are colorful, easy-to-read guides that answer questions about each game's history, equipment and rules. They also take a look at fitness and skills, legends of the games and offer playing tips to youngsters. They are the perfect primers for those just starting out, but they also would appeal to fans and more seasoned players. - The Flint Journal
This book offers soccer-loving kids some depth of information about the intricacies of the game. It is small and accessible…but offers a wealth of knowledge about finer points of the world's most popular sport…This book could get reluctant tween readers who like soccer a bit more involved in reading. The sophisticated amount and quality of information offers a high reward and a nice visual package. - TD Monthly
Need some reading material with cartoon-type illustrations to interest a boy in your family? This should be the answer for the sports guys. - Quebec Home & School News
Alberta Children's Choice Awards, Red Cedar Book Award, 2009
Atlantic Library Association, Hackmatack Children's Choice Book Award, 2008
Ontario Library Association, Silver Birch Award, 2008
Ontario Library Association, Top 10 Canadian Children's Books, Non-fiction Category, Best Bets List, 2008
Resource Links, Best of the Year, 2007

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