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Crazy for Gold

Canadian Flyer Adventures

By Frieda Wishinsky and Dean Griffiths

From 6 to 9 | 96 pages

Since discovering the Canadian Flyer, a magical time-traveling sled, in Emily’s attic, Matt and Emily have met fearsome pirates in Frobisher Bay and outrun dinosaurs in the Alberta badlands. In Crazy for Gold, Emily and Matt fly to the Yukon. It’s the late 1800s, and gold rush fever has taken hold. But as Emily and Matt soon find out, the quest for gold is difficult and dangerous. First, they must make the long and grueling climb up an icy mountain. Then, they must survive a perilous trip by boat down the rough Yukon River rapids into Dawson City. It’s a test of strength, bravery and quick wits. Will they find gold or lose their shirts? In this, the third book in the popular Canadian Flyer Adventures series, author Frieda Wishinsky weaves well-researched and accurate historical facts into her compelling, kid-friendly storytelling, while Dean Griffith’s evocative illustrations situate readers perfectly in place and time. At the end of their adventure, Emily and Matt share additional facts about the Klondike Gold Rush, and Wishinsky gives additional facts here too, in an informative Q&A format.Frieda Wishinsky, Dean Griffiths
Readers will be sure to learn handfuls of information about this time in Canadian history without realizing that a history lesson is hidden within this adventure story…Crazy for Gold is a great installment in a fine new Canadian historical fiction series for children. Highly Recommended. - CM Magazine: Canadian Review of Materials
Wishinsky does a great job mixing fact with fiction to create a fun adventure that ties in well with the grade school curriculum…Crazy for Gold makes a great addition to any young reader’s library. - Canadian Bookseller
What child can resist a great adventure? Add in the element of time travel and you have a sure winner on your hands! […] Our youngest generation can learn for themselves that Canadian history is NOT boring…and have lots of fun along the way. - Canadian Children’s Book News
There’s a nice, earnest storytelling going on here and the turns are as involving as the historical facts. - CJSF, CITR and CFRO Radio
The Canadian Flyer Adventures is a magical chapter book series that transports early readers back to the most exciting points in Canadian history. The third book in this series has Emily and Matt using the magical sled to time travel back to the days of the famous Klondike Gold Rush of the late 1800s. Readers are in for a great adventure. - Edmonton's Child
The step-up from full-color picture books to chapter books is not always appealing…The Canadian Flyer Adventures series…smooths the transition with bright, lively colors, large text and plenty of sketches throughout the book. - The Evening News
At a primary-school age when getting to the end of a book can seem to some kids as daunting as crossing the Chilkoot Pass itself, this series’ large print and short chapters make it all seem more do-able. - Victoria Times-Colonist
The Canadian Flyer Adventures series is a wonderful addition to literature for younger students; this volume is fast-paced, and exciting, and complements perfectly the themes of Canadian history taught in the classroom…How wonderful to find a series that is both educational and full of adventure! - Resource Links
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Resource Links, Best of the Year, 2007

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