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Rosie and Rolland in the Legendary Show-and-Tell

By Jon Berg

From 5 to 8 | 48 pages

When Rosie is finally picked for show-and-tell at school, she worries she has nothing special to share — until she and her canine companion, Rolland, discover a strange map. They follow it from its starting point in her adventurer grandfather’s study through to a mysterious jungle kingdom, where a secret pyramid houses a monkey king. In his hands is the perfect item to bring to show-and-tell, if Rosie can defend it from bully Freddy Jones.

This classically told adventure story is full of peril, excitement, twists and turns. It ends on a heartwarming note, with Rosie gaining appreciation for her grandpa’s adventure-filled past and deeper confidence in herself. The illustrations brim with detail, creating a captivating atmosphere and giving the tale a vintage feel. This rich storybook works as a read-aloud or as a bridge between picture books and chapter books for newly independent readers.
"A child in search of something special to bring to class finds it in a jungle temple." - Kirkus Reviews
"A refreshing, fast-paced story whose active girl protagonist is sure to hold great appeal." - Quill & Quire
"Exciting as a read-aloud and engaging for emerging readers, Rosie and Rolland in the Legendary Show-and-Tell has a little something for everyone." - The National Reading Campaign
"A wonderfully unique adventure story that children are sure to enjoy." - Resource Links Reviews
"A riveting fantasy...a fantastic quest for adventure." - The Midwest Book Review
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