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Science on the Loose

By Helaine Becker and Claudia Dávila

From 8 to 12 | 64 pages

Infused with Helaine Becker’s trademark wit and irrepressible energy, Science on the Loose encourages young readers to release their inner scientist, and think, do, and learn in the most entertaining way possible. Each easy-to-follow experiment — whether it’s to test density in fruit, determine dominant genes, or make slimy goo — follows accepted scientific procedure. Kids will delight in this highly original collection of scientific discovery.

Activities can be safely performed without special equipment or unusual ingredients, and make for satisfyingly simple adventures in the surprises of science. From fooling our senses, to discovering whether JELL-O can have brain waves, to creating ice cream by kicking around a can, Science on the Loose breaks free of run-of-the-mill science activity books, and feeds into kids’ natural curiosity and interest in the world around them.

Each experiment features a “What’s Going On?” component that explains the science behind the results in a clear and concise way. So even when an experiment just feels like silly fun, readers will learn about chemistry, climate change, genes, the senses, photosynthesis, scientific method — even Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Along the way they’ll also be discovering intriguing “Scientists on the Loose” and their wacky — but real — experiments.

…a great source of ‘sponge’ experiences to fill odd moments or ‘appetizers’ to start a science class in the spirit of inquiry. - National Science Teachers Association
With a warm sense of humor and excellent analogies, Becker effectively explains the captivating oddities of the natural world and our own bodies. In the morass of tedious non-fiction for children, this is something of a gem. - Quill & Quire
This is one of the very best books of science activities for students in upper elementary school...Many of the suggested explorations are new or set in a context that is original, very well-suited to the age of reader for whom the book was written, and, where possible, connected to the results or current or historical research. - CM Magazine: Canadian Review of Materials
After devouring Science on the Loose, kids, and even adults, will have many of their burning questions answered and not realize that they have just started exploring the scientific world. - Canadian Children’s Book News
Fun fuel for your next science project…The book reflects [Becker’s] knack for creating enthusiasm about subjects…When it’s explained in catchy wording…doing a science project seems less daunting, and dare we say, fun? - The Florida Times-Union /
Feed your young reader’ budding curiosity with this book chock full of fascinating and wacky facts about everyday science…Becker will turn your youngster into an inquisitive scientists…This fascinating book will keep your bookworm entertained for hours. Tuck it away for a rainy vacation day and you’ll score big. - Chronicle Herald
[Science on the Loose is] perfect for kids 8 to 12. It lets them learn something useful without making them feel like they're learning. - Journal-Advocate
This cleverly written book makes science fun, interesting, and accessible...sure to catch students' interest and keep them reading to find out more. - Professionally Speaking
British Columbia Library Association, Red Cedar Book Award, 2010
Canadian Toy Testing Council, Top 10 Great Books, 2008
National Parenting Publications Awards, Children's Products Competition, Gold, 2008
Ontario Library Association, Top 10 Canadian Children's Books, Non-fiction Category, Best Bets List, 2008

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