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StoryBox: Five Bedtime Stories Pack #1 - ebook

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Five beautiful book-length stories to read and listen to, written and illustrated by top authors and artists from all around the world. From fairy tales to exciting adventures, here are stories that children will want to share with you over and over again. The audio recordings provide great support with pronunciation and comprehension. Children will be able to enjoy the e-books on their own and will love listening to their favourite stories!

StoryBox: Five Bedtimes Stories

Fire Fighter Paul

Paul had a dream: he wanted to become a firefighter, like his dad. One day his dad took him to the Fire Station to meet real firefighters. Paul was happy, he got to play in the truck. Suddenly, the siren rang, there was a fire!

The Monster Who Wanted to be Loved

A hairy monster with big claws and teeth, lived happily in a deep forest, where he talked to birds and butterflies. One day, intrigued to hear them talk about humans, he decided to go and meet them. But he was not welcomed as he expected ...

Good Night, Little Bear

A gentle story about a beautiful encounter. The first snows have fallen. For Little Bear and his mom, it's time to hibernate. But Little Bear can not go to sleep, there is something missing. So he gets up and go walking in the night...

The 3 Naughty Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf

The Three Pigs Little Pigs were so naughty that their mom got upset and tossed them out. But as they walked into the woods, they met the Big Bad Wolf!

I don’t want to get out of bed!

I will not go out of my bed ... These are the words this little boy mutters, warm and cuddled under the bed quilt. Never mind, his dad will take his word for it. And here begins a school day like no other...

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  • Ages 3 to 6

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