The Natural World

The World in Infographics

By Jon Richards and Ed Simkins

From 8 to 12 | 32 pages

Be amazed by the real-life size of the world's largest spider; discover which animal can jump the equivalent of a human leaping over a skyscraper; measure the length of a blue whale in buses, people, and basketball courts; and more!

From the animal classification system and DNA to reproduction, food webs, and the world's fastest animals, this book explores the natural world using a wide variety of icons, graphics, and pictograms.
Highly visual and accessible, infographics are an increasingly popular way to introduce complex stats, facts, and figures to children, helping them to digest complex information on a number of topics.

[A] smart kickoff to a series…Visual learners, trivia hounds, and budding scientists will be delighted. - Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW
'A picture is worth a thousand words' has never been more clearly demonstrated ... - Canadian Review of Materials
"These hardcover books would be a great addition to an elementary school library or classroom collection. Serving as reference materials, they could inspire a class assignment challenging students to visually present data using infographics of their own design." - Green Teacher
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