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The Story Starts Here


By Caroline Merola Caroline Merola and Karen Li

From 3 to 7 | 36 pages

Little Wolf has decided that today, things are going to be done differently. It will be a contrarian day. Why? Because he said so! He will stand, not sit, for dinner – and he'll start with dessert. He's going to play the piano with his toes and wear his pants on his head. And when he says "The Story Starts Here," he means it – this book starts at the back and ends at the front.

After Little Wolf's parents send him to his room to think about his backwards behavior, he decides to run away. But outside, everyone is running from a giant, shadowy monster. Readers will need to flip the book over to discover the monster's true identity – and that he's not so scary after all, just a little turned around and out-of-sorts.

This fun, engaging story that pokes playfully at conventions will have readers interacting with their book in a new way and help them realize there's more than one way to see the world.Caroline Merola
"Nifty concept."
- Kirkus Reviews
"The premise is clever." - School Library Journal
"Merola paces the book perfectly for younger readers... Filled with innocence and charm, get ready to read this one 'again.'" - Library Media Connection
"Readers take an active role in Little Wolf's adventures and are immediately drawn into the topsy-turvy escapades, even before the first page ... Children will take immense pleasure in physically manipulating the book in unexpected ways." - The National Reading Campaign
"This lighthearted book about toddler rebellion encourages an interactive response from the reader and a nontraditional approach to book handling. The illustrations in colored pencils and ink along with the speech bubbles function to effectively pull readers into the world of a young child." - University of Arizone World of Words
"This appealing book... will engage readers immediately." - Resource Links
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A TD Summer Reading Club Selection, 2015

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