How magazines help children develop a love of learning

Owlkids’ magazines offer quality, engaging, timely, and FUN content. Chirp, chickaDEE, and OWL are bursting with activities, animal facts, jokes, comics, feature stories, puzzles, and more, all designed with a single — vitally important — aim:

To engage and entertain kids and get them reading, exploring, and having fun… while helping them develop a lifelong love of learning.

Owlkids’ magazines can be part of instructional learning or used as independent reading. 

  • Feature Stories engage and educate readers on the latest science and technology developments
  • Graphic Stories promote visual literacy through narratives with sequential art
  • Puzzles and Brainteasers promote spatial and critical thinking
  • Experiments develop scientific inquiry and problem-solving skills
  • Amazing Animals introduce kids to new species and encourage follow-up research
  • Crafts and DIYs help students learn how to follow procedurals through fun and easy activities
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