Wandering Whale Sharks

Susumu Shingu

Meet the world’s largest living fish: the whale shark. With a back like a mountain range and a body that creates an enormous, looming shadow in the ocean below him, the whale shark is an exceptionally gentle giant — and yet it is relatively unknown.

This informational picture book introduces readers to these stunning creatures in spare, poetic text. It’s a lyrical meditation that gives a sense of the whale shark’s slow, grand journey through the Earth’s oceans while creating an opportunity for inquiry and awe. Deep blue sketch illustrations play with perspective and seem to move with the natural energy of wind and water.

The book ends with a factual page about whale sharks, which can be found in all tropical seas, and have been spotted off the coast of several countries around the world, including South Africa, Australia, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Mexico. Readers will come away with a well-formed sense of wonder and respect as they leave the whale shark to continue his leisurely journey.

Susumu Shingu
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"The overall imagery and poetic text combine to create a pleasing book on an unlikely topic for the youngest children." - Kirkus Reviews

"Metaphoric and concise... Both words and illustrations by Shingu have an energy and spirit that reflect the swirling blue depths of the ocean itself and can be appreciated on a multitude of levels." - Booklist

"A poetic and visually stunning introduction to one of the ocean's largest and gentlest creatures." - School Library Journal STARRED REVIEW

"Animal and shark lovers will enjoy this book and want to read it over and over again." - School Library Connection

"A beautifully illustrated story of the world's largest living fish." - Resource Links

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March 15, 2015

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Life Sciences

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From 4 to 8