Whispers On The Water

Whispers On The Water (Softcover book with audio download)

Aanii, (hello) Whispers On The Water is a beautiful story from an Ojibwe community on Great Spirit Island (Manitoulin Island). The story is a teaching of how cultures today have learned from their ancestors and about living properly with Mother Earth. The story is beautifully illustrated. You can visit the island today and you will recognize the pictures in the book because they are from the land and community on the island where the grandfather and granddaughter still live today.

Whispers on the Water is a story about two big ideas. Although they may seem unrelated, together they create a lesson that is important to all of us. The first idea is about living properly as a person whose life reflects well on oneself and our ancestors. The second idea is that we see ourselves as an equal part of nature along with the land, water, and all the creatures that are part, as we humans are, of the circle of life.

Publication date May 20, 2021
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