Drum Story

Drum Story (Hardcover book includes Drum Story DVD with English, French and Ojibwe audio and subtitles)

The Drum Story book and movie was created so people could hear and see the story teller tell the story. This book and DVD combination also featured the Ojibwe language alongside English to showcase the language. This beautiful and ancient story has been passed down through many generations.

The story tells of a young girl given the gift of the first drum, and how she used that drum to bring peace to her people. Told in the traditional oral style, the teachings of the story are all about respect for one another and how to live well and properly with Mother Earth.

This hard cover book is richly illustrated (60 pictures and paintings) with 12 originally commissioned original artworks. The DVD is included in a sleeve on the inside back cover. The combination of reading and hearing the story told in the ages old traditional method is extraordinary. The DVD also features traditional drumming and singing.

Publication date May 20, 2021
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