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Gifts For Dawnis

$18.95 CAD

Gifts For Dawnis (Softcover book with audio download)

Annii, welcome to our story. Gifts for Dawnis was written to help us remember our place in Creation. Our teachings tell us that all of life is equally sacred, and that all forms of life were given original instructions by the Creator. Every living thing on our Mother Earth has a purpose and a role to fulfill, in order for our world to be in balance.

Gifts for Dawnis reminds us that everything is here for a purpose, and that when we ask, we are always shown the answers. We just have to learn to listen. This book features both Ojibwe and English audio as a free accompanying download. . The text in this story is also in both Ojibwe and English. Many of the pictures in Gifts for Dawnis are taken from actual photographs, some of which came from the territories of Ziigwen’s ancestors. We invite you to learn more about these places in 4Canoes publications, and to visit as well. ... You will be welcomed.

Publication date May 20, 2021

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