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Dig, Dance, Dive

By Etta Kaner and June Steube

From 6 to 9 | 40 pages

A funny and informative look at birds and their unique behavioral adaptations

Birds can do a lot more than just fly! Did you know some of them can dig, dance, dive, and dabble? This nonfiction book introduces readers to an assortment of fascinating birds and their surprising behaviors. Readers will learn about flightless birds like the Adélie penguin, which toboggans down hills on its belly, or the kakapo, which climbs up trees to escape danger. Even birds that fly have quirky survival behaviors—like the barred owl, which can turn its head almost all the way around, or the blue-footed booby, which dives from great heights to catch fish.

Written by prolific children’s nonfiction author and educator Etta Kaner and whimsically illustrated by artist June Steube, Dig, Dance, Dive invites readers to greet all sorts of amazing feathered friends in a fun and informative exploration.

Etta Kaner, June Steube

"It’s a thrill to meet a flock of lesser-known birds, marvel at their movement, and struggle to pick a new favorite from the beautiful bunch."

- Booklist

"A thoughtful and entertaining informational text on avian behavior, suitable for all collections."

- School Library Journal
Texas Topaz Nonfiction Reading List, 2023
Best Books for Kids and Teens, 2022

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