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The Egg

By Geraldo Valério

From 3 to 7 | 40 pages

The Egg is an imaginative and unusual story about a bird and a child, and how they become a family. The wordless story opens with a crane caring lovingly for an egg. During a storm, a gust of wind blows the egg from its nest. Despite searching far and wide, the crane can’t find the lost egg anywhere. Heartbroken, the crane spots something—an egg! Not its own, but since this egg is also alone, the crane rescues it to safety.

When the egg hatches, the little one inside is—unexpectedly—a human baby. No matter their differences, the crane loves and cares for the child, adopting it into an avian life. When they take flight together, this unusual duo encounters other birds with their young ones—the babies all a diverse array of creatures, showing that families come in all shapes and sizes.

This whimsical story is open to interpretation and imagination, but above all imparts the message that a loving family can be whatever we make it.Geraldo Valério
"Valério’s visual storytelling will excite the eyes and warm the hearts of viewers young and old." - Kirkus Reviews - STARRED REVIEW
"Valério’s memorable artwork and imaginative power give this lighthearted tale extra impact through meticulous spreads that produce a sense of sprightly life and warmth." - Publishers Weekly
"Perfect for lap sits or story hours, this works on a couple of levels: as a silly tale of a human raised by a bird, but also to reaffirm that loving families come in all shapes and sizes." - Booklist – STARRED REVIEW
"Valério shows off his skill with design and collage in this wordless story about the many forms a family can take." - The Horn Book

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