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How to Make a Peanut Butter Sandwich in 17 Easy Steps

By Bambi Edlund

From 4 to 7 | 32 pages

A slightly overcomplicated and highly hilarious guide to making a peanut butter sandwich with all your critter friends

It’s lunchtime, and all the animals are hungry. In fact, you’re feeling hungry too, and you know exactly what to make—delicious peanut butter sandwiches for everyone! The recipe is surprisingly complicated, but you’re not worried. You gather the critters and a few necessary items (the peanuts and bread, of course, and don’t forget the accordion and wooden clogs!), and then you get started!

All the characters in this hilarious how-to have an important role in the making of this lunchtime staple. The raccoon earns the money to pay for the groceries, the crows and the mice gather the ingredients, the donkey and the beaver work hard on the hands-on (or hoofs- and paws-on) preparation, and the skunk … well, the skunk has an essential role to play too!

Bold, charming artwork leaves something to discover on every page, and kids will laugh out loud as they puzzle through the many steps necessary to the making of this favorite sandwich.

Bambi Edlund

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