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Odd Couples

By Maria Birmingham and Raz Latif

From 6 to 9 | 40 pages

A fun and engaging guessing game that demonstrates how even the most unusual animal pairs can be two of a kind

Hummingbirds and giraffes, sharks and snails, meerkats and bees … at first glance, these pairings may seem as different as can be. But guess what? Hummingbirds and giraffes are both hummers, sharks and snails both have thousands of sharp teeth, and meerkats and bees are both huggers.

Featuring eight unexpected animal pairings, this informative and entertaining book gives readers an implicit lesson in empathy, highlighting that we are all more alike than we think.

Written in an interactive question-and-answer format perfect for reading out loud, Odd Couples is full of nonfiction fun with lots of visual humor and appeal.

Maria Birmingham, Raz Latif

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