Thank you for your order!

This is your confirmation notice. Your subscription(s) to Chirp, Chickadee or OWL is being processed.  Please allow 48 hours for your information to be updated. If you have ordered a new subscription, it will start with the next issue and will arrive in 4 to 6 weeks, or it will start with your specified start issue. Please print this page for your records.

Credit Card Orders – Duplicate Charge?

If you have paid by credit card, you may see multiple entries on your credit card account.  These are NOT duplicate charges.

 When you pay by credit card, the total order value is secured on your credit card account.  This security will appear in the ‘Authorized Transaction’ section of your credit card account. 

 When the transaction is finalized it will move to the ‘Posted Transactions’ section of your account. The final transaction(s) will be posted by magazine order value i.e. cost for Chirp, cost for Chickadee, cost for OWL. The individual transactions should equal your total order value. Once the transaction is finalized, the security will disappear from the ‘Authorized Transaction’ section of your credit card account. 

 It may take a few days for the security to disappear from the “Authorized” section of your account.  This is not a duplicate payment.  The charge will disappear from the Authorized section in a few days.


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