How to Party Like a Snail

Naseem Hrab

Kelly Collier

An introverted snail throws his own kind of party to celebrate all things quiet

Snail is a party animal. Well...kind of. He loves the quiet things about parties: confetti, making new friends (using his indoor voice, of course), and the silence before everyone yells, “SURPRISE!” But when parties get loud, Snail retreats into his shell. He’s still partying, but no one can tell he’s having a good time while he’s tucked inside. His friends don’t understand why he doesn’t love loud parties like they do, and soon Snail’s party invites begin to dry up.

In response, Snail decides to plan his own quiet party, complete with warm milk and lullaby lip-syncing. But something is missing—does Snail long for the “loud” after all? That’s when Stump, a fellow introvert, chimes in with an idea. Maybe Snail isn’t missing the “loud”…maybe he’s just missing a friend to share the quiet. Together, Stump and Snail turn the lullabies down low and celebrate “the shush” together.

With comics-style storytelling and lovable characters, this hilarious tale makes quiet so fun that even the most extroverted readers will want to SHHHelebrate!

Naseem Hrab, Kelly Collier
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"A wildly charming, earnestly rendered 'SHHHellebration of the SHHHush.'"

- Publishers Weekly - STARRED REVIEW

"Tailor-made for younger party lovers with a low tolerance for high decibels. A SHHHpecial treat for children who prefer to play it…soft."

- Kirkus Reviews

"Hrab tackles an important topic with humor: how can we belong if we aren’t like everyone else? [A] nice social-emotional addition to any collection, this has a very quiet character carrying a rather loud message: All volumes welcome."

- School Library Journal

"This delightful tale is perfect for bedtime and particularly for smalls who are sensitive to sound."

- The Small Protagonist

"Although How to Party Like a Snail is written in a jovial and lighthearted manner, it introduces the reader to an important initiative – that is, increasing understanding and compassion toward introverts and sensory-sensitive individuals."

- Canadian Review of Materials

"Hrab’s tale promotes inclusivity ... Children learn that while some people might like the loud, others thrive in the quiet, and just because a party is quiet, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!"

- Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database

"This could be a useful book for children who are hesitant to attend parties or playdates. Therapists or social workers may find it a worthy addition to their bibliotherapy toolbox."

- Youth Services Book Review

"This charming story with wonderfully comic illustrations reminds young readers that they can be themselves, and still find someone who shares their interests."

- Calgary Herald

Blue Spruce Award Honour Book, 2024

An Indigo Staff Pick, 2022

Heather's Pick, 2023

CBC Best Canadian Picture Book of 2022, 2022

Cybils Awards, 2022

Great Lakes Great Books Award, 2023

Joan Betty Stuchner Oy Vey! Funniest Children’s Book Award, 2023

Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Award, 2024

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Publication date

September 15, 2022

Number of pages



Perseverance; Inclusiveness

Interest age

From 4 to 7