When Rabbit Was a Lion

Eugenie Fernandes

An introverted rabbit throws a costume party for his friends but is overwhelmed by the noise

Rabbit doesn’t like parties ... but he does like his friends. So he invites them to a costume party and works hard all week to get ready.

He rushes to and fro with oodles of things to prepare. He mows the lawn and weeds and rakes and waters the garden and scrubs and bakes. Finally, everything is ready, and Rabbit’s friends arrive in their splendid costumes. The event is loud and lively with uproarious laughter and babbling conversation.

Rabbit is soon overwhelmed by the all the activity and noise, and he slips away to find some quiet. When his friends discover him, they decide to switch to gentler activities so that Rabbit can rejoin the party.

Narrated by a young girl, When Rabbit Was a Lion is a wonderful read-aloud with a warm, insightful Frog and Toad sensibility that highlights the importance of listening and communication , and encourages readers to accept themselves and others as they are.

Eugenie Fernandes
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"A rabbit who likes friends but not parties finds a way to enjoy both in this sweet, sensible outing ... A feel-good episode, attuned in particular to children with quieter dispositions."

- Kirkus Reviews

"Warm, softly-colored images fill the pages and offer a story that speaks for those introverted kids who like to party in their own quiet way." - Sal's Fiction Addiction

OLA Best Bets Honorable Mention, 2023

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Publication date

August 15, 2023

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Self-Awareness; Self-Management; Social Awareness

Interest age

From 3 to 7