Anything Is Possible

Giulia Belloni

Marco Trevisan

The sheep in this story is a dreamer, while her friend the wolf has a more practical disposition. One day the sheep runs to the wolf with an idea. She wants to build a flying machine! But the wolf tells her it's impossible. Eventually, however, the sheep's dream gets the better of the wolf's doubts, and they begin to work on the project together. Through perseverance and the process of trial and error, the sheep and wolf manage to create a winning design, brought to life by architecturally and mathematically inspired paper collage art. At the end of this whimsical tale, even the wolf has to admit that anything is possible!Giulia Belloni, Marco Trevisan
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"Trevisan pictures their collaboration in spare, editorial-style collaged images on crisp white space." - Publisher's Weekly

"Lovely bookmaking nicely complements this charming, light-as-a-feather tale of friendship and successful dreaming." - Kirkus

"A whimsical offering of perseverance and friendship." - Booklist Review

"...promotes the concepts of teamwork and perseverance." - School Library Journal

"The mixed media illustrations and paper collage art of award-winning mathematician-illustrator Marco Trevisan will especially captivate young engineers, architects, artists, and mathematicians and keep them enthralled." - Christian Library Journal

"This charming book underscores important life lessons such as cooperation and perseverance in an entertaining way."
- The Muskokan

"Belloni's little story achieves lift-off through the delightful cut-paper art of illustrator Marco Trevisan, who... sets up his two unlikely collaborators, dreamer and realist, in oppositional body language which reveals their at-odds personalities right through to the final page." - Books for Kids Blog

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August 15, 2013

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Reading; Fables; Literature Genre

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From 4 to 7