Chirp: Thar She Blows

Chirp and his friends Squawk and Tweet love going on adventures together. Today, they've traded in their playhouse for a pirate ship. But — shiver me timbers — they are suddenly hit by something under water!

Is it a shark? Is it a squid? Worse: it's a sh...uid!

Can the pirates find anything in their treasure chest to save them from this fearsome creature? Join Chirp and his crew as they strike out for an adventure on the high seas.

The Chirp books invite readers into a world of imagination where Chirp, Squawk, and Tweet work together to solve problems, using everyday objects and their limitless imaginations. Based on episodes of the Kids' CBC TV show "Chirp" and inspired by Chirp Magazine, the Chirp books are designed to encourage learning through imaginative play and will open up the world to preschoolers, one awesome adventure at a time.
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Praise for the Chirp Series

"Appealing and fun for young readers. Each story is a new, imaginative adventure." - Resource Links

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June 15, 2015

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From 3 to 7