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Do Fire Ants Fight Fires?

Do Animals?

By Etta Kaner and Jenna Piechota

From 4 to 8 | 32 pages

A playful exploration of how animals work to survive

Do dolphins teach? Do birds build apartment buildings? Do tapirs deliver packages? You may be surprised at the answers! Animals have to work hard to survive in the wild.

From vultures that act as nature’s cleanup crew, to damselfish that help grow their favorite food, this book is full of interesting, surprising, and sometimes familiar ways that animals work and behave.

Written in an interactive question-and-answer format perfect for reading out loud, this follow-up to bestsellers Do Frogs Drink Hot Chocolate? and Do Lizards Eat Ice Cream? encourages inquiry and discussion. Silly scenarios and comic illustrations will invite readers to learn about animal adaptations and STEM in a fun and accessible way.

Etta Kaner, Jenna Piechota

"The mix of carefully distinguished fact and fancy makes the informational load easy to digest."

- Kirkus Reviews
"Full of quick facts that may interest children in researching a specific animal even further ... A fun informational picture book for children that enjoy fast facts." - Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database

"Serves as a mentor text for young researchers wanting to share what they have learned in an impressive format. It delivers some surprising explanations, accompanied by cartoony artwork that enhances the facts and charms its readers."

- Sal's Fiction Addiction

"Fun and intriguing illustrations show what it would look like if ants fought fires, vultures collected garbage, and fish farmed ... A very cute read for littles to show them that many wild animals have jobs similar to the jobs people do."

- Youth Services Book Review

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