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Hold That Thought!

By Bree Galbraith and Lynn Scurfield

From 4 to 8 | 32 pages

An inspiring look at how ideas form, grow, and connect us all

In the middle of the night, Finn wakes up with something buzzing around in their head. It isn’t heavy like a worry, it doesn’t swirl like fear, and it isn’t shaped like a question. It’s something more exciting—an idea!

The next day at school, Finn shares the idea with friends, who nurture it and help shape it into something even more fantastic. But not everyone is excited about Finn’s idea. When a bully knocks it to the ground, Finn begins to doubt the idea. And as Finn’s doubt grows, their idea shrinks. But just before the idea disappears, Finn realizes that it’s exactly as it should be! Confidence renewed, Finn shares the idea with more kids, who add their own thoughts until the idea flows—and even the bully becomes inspired to contribute.

Grounded in childhood curiosity and helmed by a gentle, inquiring main character, this story about the power of ideas fosters creativity, perseverance, inclusion, and a collaborative spirit.
Bree Galbraith, Lynn Scurfield
"The accessible text uses a captivating combination of words synonymous with thinking and imagery that makes an idea appear tangible ... Unique, playful, provocative." - Kirkus Reviews
"The writing is sensitive, and the messages of openness, sharing, and intellectual excitement are affirming ... Text and illustrations celebrate youthful persistence and confidence despite obstacles, appealingly presented." - School Library Journal

"The idea zips and curls energetically through the air just as Finn remains optimistic and driven to give their idea life outside their own mind ... Hold That Thought! encourages kids to express their original ideas and make constructive contributions."

- Quill & Quire

"The story is told in lyrical style which will definitely appeal to young children ... Finn’s infectious enthusiasm helps readers to relate to the situation."

- Canadian Review of Materials
Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Children’s Book Award, 2022
A Bookstagang Best Picture Book of 2021, 2021

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