Jeffrey Loves Blue

Loretta Garbutt

Lily Snowden-Fine

In art class, a boy finds the courage to leave his comfort zone, try something new, and do something nice for a friend

Sometimes, Jeffrey fixates on certain likes and dislikes. For example, he is very attached to the colour blue. He wears blue socks, blue underwear, a blue hat, and—of course!—blue jeans. At painting class, he paints only in blue. But when his classmate, Keiko, wants to use the blue paint, Jeffrey will have to try a different color. With some gentle coaxing, the narrator helps him navigate his emotions, encouraging him to consider Keiko’s feelings.

This story explores how something that seems simple for some people can be very complicated for others. Jeffrey’s caregiver provides choice, time, and space to help Jeffrey process his emotions. The focus of the story is not about getting rid of Jeffrey’s fixation—it’s about widening his perspective to help a friend, which encourages empathy and compromise.

Delightfully simple and captivating illustrations contextualize Jeffrey’s experience, inviting readers into his thought processes as he works through his difficult decision.

Loretta Garbutt, Lily Snowden-Fine
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"This reassuring story will help children who, like Jeffrey, find comfort in structure and routine understand that change is not only possible, but that overcoming a big hurdle can also be rewarding ... Proof that adapting to change is not only possible, but also genuinely enjoyable."

- Kirkus Reviews

"Encourages children to consider the feelings of others and take steps toward adapting."

- Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database


- Youth Services Book Review

"Humorous and poignant ... Highly recommended."

- Canadian Review of Materials

"Jeffrey Loves Blue is a sweet story about a boy who is motivated to show caring and empathy for another child by trying something new and different. Although it’s difficult for him, Jeffrey is able to make a change and the result opens up new and exciting possibilities for him. This book is a perfect way to teach young children on the spectrum about the benefits of trying something outside of their comfort zone. I wholeheartedly recommend this book."

- Yolanda Korneluk, PhD., CPsych., Emerging Minds

"What a beautiful and thoughtful story about Jeffrey and how he learned to be brave and overcome his fears for his friend. Snowden-Fine's illustrations adeptly captured Jeffrey's anguish as he had to make a big decision, bringing the story to life in an accessible way for young readers ... The book is a great educational resource for both children and adults alike and it has been an invaluable asset to my collection of therapy materials for my practice. Hats off to Garbutt and Snowden-Fine for the best new book to hit the shelves in a long time, and I foresee it becoming a 'must read' for the next generation in the years to come."

- Marnie Loeb, M.Cl.Sc., Reg. CASLPO, Speech-Language Pathologist

Children’s Book Council’s Favorites Award (K-2), 2024

Alcuin Design Society Awards, Third Place Winner, 2023

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Publication date

September 15, 2023

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Self-Awareness; Social Awareness; Self-Regulation; Relationship Skills

Interest age

From 4 to 7