Little Brothers & Little Sisters

Monica Arnaldo

Little sisters and little brothers all long for the same few things when it comes to their older siblings: a turn to play, a place on the team, a chance to shine. This book starts with four pairs of siblings in and around an apartment complex, each expressing through play and daily life the many gripes and pitfalls of younger siblings.

Subtly, the narrative shifts to reflect the good things that come with having an older sibling: a helping hand, a partner in crime, a friend for life. The book ends on a high note—when it comes to brothers and sisters, the good outweighs the bad, and both big and little siblings have a special place in each others’ hearts. Minimal text paired with impressionistic, full-spread illustrations creates weight and emotion in this lovely book that will help kids feel understood in all the pains and joys of siblinghood. Monica Arnaldo
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"A heartfelt reflection on the trials and joys of sibling dynamics. Big love for this little book." - Kirkus Review - STARRED REVIEW

"This universal take on the positives and negatives of the pecking order will ring true to and be enjoyed by children." - Booklist

"A charming and heartwarming look at the complex and diverse nature of relationships among family members." - School Library Journal

"This book will warm your heart and bring comfort to your soul. It needs to be shared." - Sal’s Fiction Addiction

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Publication date

April 15, 2018

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Language Arts

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From 3 to 7