Making Sense of Dog Senses

Stephanie Gibeault

Raz Latif

A playful yet scientifically precise exploration of a dog’s five senses that will help readers better appreciate the canine point of view

Did you know that dogs have millions more olfactory receptors than humans and that their noses are built to reserve some air that they breathe in just for smelling? So why the butt sniffing? Actually, dogs discern a lot of information about another dog from a whiff of that region, including the dog’s health and eating habits.

In five chapters that explore each of a dog’s senses, and an additional chapter that questions whether dogs might have senses that people don’t, this middle-grade nonfiction book explains canine senses from both evolutionary and scientific perspectives. Sidebars offer additional information throughout the text, including hands-on activities that let readers experience a dog’s sensory abilities for themselves.

Written with an approachable tone and loaded with fascinating facts, Making Sense of Dog Senses presents readers with both curious and practical insights into their canine pals’ behavior.

Stephanie Gibeault, Raz Latif
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"A fun, quirky book about dogs and their many abilities; great for animal lovers, young and old."

- School Library Journal

"A delight for readers young and old—sure to spark a love of science and a deeper understanding of the fascinating minds we share our homes with.”

- Dr. Brian Hare, author of the New York Times Bestseller, Genius of Dogs

"The author tucks in several very simple but ingeniously designed ways for hands-on readers to get a feeling for how dog and human senses differ."

- Kirkus Reviews

"This book would be a good option for kids with questions after observing dog behavior or families considering adding a new pet to the family. Although there are plenty of informational picture books about dogs, the focus on the science of dog senses makes this one unique and worth adding to a collection."

- Youth Services Book Review

A Junior Library Guild selection, 2024

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Publication date

April 15, 2024

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Interest age

From 8 to 12