Me Tall, You Small

Lilli L'Arronge

Me Tall, You Small is a series of playful vignettes in the daily life of a pair of weasels, parent and child. Whether they are having a bubble bath, kicking a soccer ball, or eating ice cream together, simple paired phrases showcase their loving—and amusingly realistic—relationship. After a fall: You boo-boo. Me bandage. At bedtime: Me tired. You wired.

Creative use of language with wordplay, onomatopoeia, and rhyme infuses this book with humor and surprise. Together with the text, expressive line-drawn artwork drives home the funny differences between life as a parent and a child. This silly, touching read-aloud will have both parties celebrating their role, whether tall or small.Lilli L'Arronge
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"This book delights on many levels as it affirms the importance of young children's close relationships." - Kirkus Reviews (STARRED REVIEW)

"Amusing...this playful, tender book may inspire real-life parent-child pairs to come up with some me-vs.-you comparisons of their own." - Publishers Weekly

"Poignant and gently humorous... A wonderful selection for one-on-one sharing that will delight the tall and the small alike." - School Library Journal

"Transcends linguistic barriers to deftly capture the unique specificity of adult-child relationships... A winning book to read-aloud with all the small weasels in your life." - Resource Links

Kirkus Prize Finalist, 2017

Kirkus Best of 2017, 2017

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Publication date

March 15, 2017

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Language Arts

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From 2 to 5