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Moose, Goose, Animals on the Loose!

Canadian Concepts

By Geraldo Valério

From 2 to 5 | 40 pages

Between the beaver building branch by branch, the loon laughing on the lake, and the powerful, playful polar bear, Canada is home to a spectacular array of animals. This concept book celebrates the country’s diverse wildlife by presenting each letter of the alphabet alongside a representative mammal, insect, bird, reptile, amphibian, fish, or invertebrate. The creatures portrayed hail from coast to coast to coast, and reflect close research even in their stylized depictions.

Short text phrases describe animal behavior and play with alliteration, making each spread fun and engaging. Paper collage artwork by Geraldo Valério is simple yet sophisticated, full of color, movement, and touches of humor. Created with just paper, scissors, and glue, this art style will easily inspire classroom activities. Two informational spreads at the end of the book feature facts about each creature, with uppercase and lowercase letters repeated for additional comprehension.
Geraldo Valério
"Readers will enjoy identifying the cold-weather creatures and their outstanding attributes." - Kirkus Reviews
"An excellent addition to alphabet book collections." - School Library Journal
"This book would be of great value in the classroom for many reasons. It presents the alphabet in a practical way... Valerio's bright and colourful collage illustrations will capture the eye of young readers, who will surely be inspired to try and emulate his style with some paper and scissors, at home or in the classroom." - Canadian Children's Book News
"Definitely has a place in home collections as well as in those libraries that serve the preschool and kindergarten crowd. Highly recommended." - Canadian Review of Materials
"A truly stunning new approach to regional animal alphabet books, with arresting artwork on every single page. Young children will be delighted to learn their ABC's with this fascinating new book." - The Midwest Book Review
"A charming and informative alphabet book that will delight readers. It is a recommended addition to any library or classroom collection." - Resource Links
Canadian Children's Book Centre's Best Books for Kids and Teens,

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