My Delicious Garden

Anne-Marie Fortin

Julien Castanié

A girl lovingly tends to her garden through the seasons

In the depths of winter, one young girl is already dreaming of planting her very own vegetable garden. In January, she sketches out the rows of lettuce, the trellis for the peas, and a large plot for the tomatoes while she waits for warmer weather. March is time for sowing, and April gives way to the first leaves of her seedlings.

As the seasons change from spring to summer, she (with the help of her moms) spreads compost and turns up the soil to finally plant her veggies into the earth. As the months go by, she lovingly weeds, waters, and cares for her garden until it’s time to harvest a bounty big enough to share with all their friends! My Delicious Garden celebrates the joy of growing food from seed and is a cozy exploration of the connections between nature, food, and community.

Anne-Marie Fortin, Julien Castanié
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"The unique monthly focus is an interesting and helpful take on gardening; readers will learn about different types of vegetables and flowers equally. Whether there is a garden at school or not, this is a charming addition to the shelves and could be adapted to a very early science lesson for preschoolers, too." - School Library Journal

"All children will be inspired to grow their own gardens, and those children who live in urban environments will understand and appreciate the work, time, and patience, not to mention the joy and sense of accomplishment, it takes to maintain a garden."

- School Library Connection

"Fortin conveys a positive message about gardening that also touches on the topics of food, family, and community ... A good addition for any library’s picture book collection."

- Canadian Review of Materials

"Children wanting to know about gardening will appreciate this book ... Colorful illustrations add context and fun."

- Sal's Fiction Addiction

"Would recommend this wonderful book for an elementary school library, particularly in the science section."

- Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database

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March 15, 2022

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From 4 to 8