Otis & Peanut Forever and Ever

Naseem Hrab

Kelly Collier

The Frog and Toad-style duo returns in a new series of stories about celebrating loved ones, past and present

Otis and Peanut are back! Grounded in the tender, supportive friendship between a long-haired guinea pig and a naked mole rat, the second book in this junior graphic novel series explores themes of celebrating life's simple pleasures, grief, and making new memories with sensitivity, humor, and optimism.

The three stories in this book reveal how the pair feel the loss of Pearl, Peanut’s sister and Otis’s friend. In “The Cake,” Peanut bakes a sweet treat for Otis using Pearl’s recipe and teaches him that there’s always a good reason to eat cake—even if it’s for no reason at all! In “The Dream,” Peanut is missing his sister, but finds a way to keep her memory close. And in “The Collection,” the two friends celebrate old memories, and make some new ones.

Author Naseem Hrab brings wit and lightness to challenging subject matter. The profound lessons she shares about missing someone you love while holding them in your heart will resonate with young readers. Poignant, funny, and sweeter than a slice of Pearl’s Strawberry Layer Cake, Otis & Peanut Forever and Ever is a treat to be enjoyed at any time.

Naseem Hrab, Kelly Collier
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"A consciously composed graphic novel that embraces joyful memories and deliciously sweet moments, and a worthwhile experience for all young readers."

- School Library Journal

"A feel-good tale of pals bonding as they grapple with grief."

- Kirkus Reviews

"There is a gentleness to Naseem Hrab's stories of Otis and Peanut that invites young readers to see their own lives within the stories of the guinea pig and the mole rat ... So, by nature of these stories, not only will they practise their reading and make connections between text and illustrations, they'll be making meaningful connections between the story and their own lives, learning about empathy, acceptance, cooperation and more." - CanLit for Little Canadians

"Whether readers have lost someone or have experienced an event that has upset them, such as moving or a friendship ending, Otis & Peanut: Forever and Ever will help readers process the loss and revisit memories while looking forward to making new memories with people familiar and new." - Canadian Review of Materials

A Junior Library Guild selection, 2024

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Publication date

April 15, 2024

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Interest age

From 6 to 8