The Little Regent

Yewande Daniel-Ayoade

Ken Daley

A little girl is tasked with ruling her West African village in this empowering story about breaking from tradition and leading with your heart

After the king of a West African village dies, his eight-year-old daughter Abioye is made the temporary ruler, or regent, until a new king is chosen. The chiefs scoff at this decision—a little girl can’t be regent! Even Abioye herself doubts whether she’s up to the task. But her late father’s words of wisdom comfort and guide her: Those who will rule must first learn to serve.

The next day, amid meetings about taxes and titles, Abioye keeps her eyes and ears open for ways to serve her people. When she hears about their dried-up well, their leaky boats, and their hungry children, she decides to devote herself to helping the villagers instead of attending stuffy meetings with the chiefs. With her ideas and support, the village flourishes. But as the villagers praise her leadership, the chiefs complain that she is abandoning her duties, and announce that it's time for a new king. When the time comes for the villagers to vote for their new ruler, they reject all the other candidates and crown Abioye instead, making her the first female king the village has ever had!

Author Yewande Daniel-Ayoade draws on Yoruba traditions and culture to craft a highly original, uplifting feminist fable. Abioye’s journey will inspire readers, regardless of age or gender, to discover their inner strength, wisdom, and capacity to lead.

Yewande Daniel-Ayoade, Ken Daley
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"A subtly radical education on service and leadership."

- Kirkus Reviews

"Yewande Daniel-Ayoade delivers a beautiful tale on the importance of learning to trust oneself... The Little Regent speaks to the importance of leading through compassion and understanding, and learning to value tradition while making space for necessary change."

- Quill & Quire

"The drama is compelling – kids will really root for Abioye and will be thrilled by the idea that a kid could be king. The delightful artwork does a nice job of showing the dynamic setting of the Yoruba village, with colorful fabrics and majestic structures."

- Youth Services Book Review

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Publication date

March 15, 2024

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Interest age

From 4 to 8