The Wind and the Trees

Todd Stewart

A gentle meditation on the cycle of life, told by two trees

One day, a tiny pine seedling strikes up a conversation with a nearby tree. As the seedling grows larger, the older pine shares what it has learned about the strong wind that blows through the forest. Wind stretches trees and dries them out, but it also scatters seeds, spreads messages across the forest, and helps trees grow strong as it pushes against their trunks.

As time passes, the wind takes its toll on the older tree. It loses needles and starts to droop as the young tree grows fuller and stronger. When a fierce storm rolls in, the heavy winds take down the older tree, leaving the younger one all alone. Or so it thinks. Soon after, a new seedling blown in by the wind lands on the spot where the old tree fell, and the cycle begins again.

This moving picture book poignantly honors intergenerational relationships and the exchange of wisdom, while also opening up conversations about loss and environmental stewardship.
Todd Stewart
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"Arresting art and an intelligent dialogue speak movingly to the realities of universal life cycles." - Kirkus Reviews - STARRED REVIEW

"This spare, contemplative picture book focuses on a compassionate intergenerational relationship, transcending scientific instruction to offer a metaphysical musing on life and death." - Publishers Weekly - STARRED REVIEW

"Timely, poignant, and most welcome ... A universal tale of the circle of life, a lovingly told homage to the steadfast magic of nature and the interconnectedness of all things." - Canadian Review of Materials

"Striking in presentation – the artwork! the colors! – and in its paired-back but impactful storytelling, The Wind and the Trees is a a standout picture book."

- Fab Book Reviews

"A profound story about the circle of life and bestowing the ultimate gifts of love and wisdom." - Let's Talk Picture Books

"A beautiful tale of resilience, survival, and acceptance ... This text is ripe with symbolism, and its pages are laced with vibrant illustrations. It’s a treasurable pick." - Seattle Book Review

"A quiet, lovely book which explains the nature of trees to a young audience." - Youth Services Book Review

"This conversation between two pine trees speaks to the power of nature ... Full of movement and the drama of nature."

- Sal's Fiction Addiction

Governor General’s Literary Awards, 2021

A Kirkus Best Picture Book of 2021, 2021

Best Books for Kids and Teens, 2021

A CBC Best Canadian Picture Book of 2021, 2021

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Publication date

March 15, 2021

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Interest age

From 4 to 8