What If Soldiers Fought with Pillows?

Heather Camlot

Serge Bloch

What if the impossible were actually possible? What if we turned our dreams into action? What if our imagination could help solve real-world crises, like war, famine, and human rights violations?

Through a series of seemingly whimsical questions, this middle-grade nonfiction book introduces readers to people and organizations that are subverting violence, war, and totalitarian power. What if soldiers refused to carry weapons? What if fighter pilots dropped seeds instead of bombs? What if music could be a creative force for democracy? None of these ideas are impossible—in fact, they are all true historical examples of ideas that have been put into action.

Accessible, engaging text introduces a different question and example on each spread. Evocative conceptual illustrations provide a light-hearted reminder of the power of imagination. This timely book encourages readers to think critically and dare to ask big questions, which might just change the world. Heather Camlot, Serge Bloch
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"An accessible, bite-sized look at powerful change." - Kirkus Reviews

"Camlot invites readers to visualize soldiers switching pistols for pillows, painted lines for battle lines, and like peaceful exchanges—and for each scenario, describes an actual, thematically related anti-war initiative." - Booklist

"This salute to people who exemplify peace and reconciliation begins each story with a question." - Publishers Weekly

"The stories feature brave people from many different places across the globe, and both the book’s introduction and conclusion encourage readers to ask questions and use their imagination to make the world a better place." - School Library Journal

"Such an admirable concept underlies this book, and the important stories remind the reader that there is always more than one answer to something." - School Library Connection

"Each entry illuminates a story of peace and compromise, and shows what can be done when the world is pictured in a hopeful and inspired way." - Sal's Fiction Addiction

"Powerful and inspiring, it’s the perfect middle grade book for a reader that loves both history and social justice." - The Tiny Activist

"The biographical stories of courage and leadership in the face of war, displacement of civilians, persecution and injustice are diverse and engaging." - Canadian Review of Materials

Best Books for Kids and Teens, 2020

Saskatchewan Diamond Willow Award, 2021

Skipping Stones Book Awards, 2022

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Publication date

March 15, 2020

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Interest age

From 8 to 12