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You and Me Both

Mahtab Narsimhan

Lisa Cinar

This is the story of two classmates who love all the same things: building tall block towers and knocking them down; strawberry jam on toast; jumping into big puddles in their matching boots. The narrator and his best friend, Jamal, might as well be twins—they have so much in common! And they always stick together.

When Jamal gets a haircut, his best friend gets his cut the same way. They’re sure their teacher will never be able to tell them apart. The vibrant, playful illustrations eventually reveal that the boys each have a different skin color.

Inspired by a true story that went viral on social media, about two boys with different skin colors who got the same haircut thinking it would make them identical, this is a joyful story about friendship, diversity, and how the things we share are more than skin-deep. Mahtab Narsimhan, Lisa Cinar
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“The unnamed first-person narrator loves best friend Jamal, and Jamal loves the narrator, too. What is clear is that the pals like the same things, and they adore each other.” - Kirkus Reviews

"[Illustrations] hint at the ever-changing, ever-lively nature of childhood friendships by continually shifting the duo’s skin colors... As the title subtly suggests, the ideal “twin” doesn’t have to be carbon copy—just thoroughly simpatico." - Publishers Weekly

"A classic tale of best friends right up until the end." - School Library Journal

"Written for little ones, the words are spare but the meaning is wonderfully clear. The bright and bold illustrations enhance every delightful page. This book is a standout!" - Mighty Village

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Publication date

April 15, 2020

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Interest age

From 3 to 6